Support vehicles and anti-tank guns

HQ Infantry Tanks Support

Support units from battalion anti-tank platoon and divisional recon units:

In 1943 Infantry battalion had dedicated anti-tank platoon assigned to its support company (4-6 AT-guns). In the early days of the war 2 pdr. anti-tank guns were used but were later replaced by 6 pdr. guns. Infantry battalion also had heavier anti-tank guns assigned from the divisional level artillery regiments (from 1943 those units were equipped with 17 pdr. anti-tank guns).

All battalion AT-guns were distriputed among the infantry companies to provide immitiate anti-tank support whether in defence or in offence.

Divisional support often included armoured cars from divisonal recce regiment. Armoured cars were also fielded by the armoured regiments. Armoured cars were used as scouts as well as to provide flank security together with the battalions own carrier platoon.

Dingo (0.3mm MG), 6pdr. Anti-tank gun & Morris C8 truck

Daimler Mk. II armoured car (2pdr. gun, 1x 0.3mm MG)