HQ Infantry Tanks Support

8th army tanks:

In 1943 British Infantry battalion had always armoured support at its disposal. Normal Armoured Regiment included HQ squadron and 3 armoured squadrons. Each squadron had 15-17 tanks divided into HQ and 4 Troops. Each Troop had 3 tanks and smallest tank unit was section of 2 tanks.

Below: Tank units from 7th Armoured Division (4th Light Armoured Brigade, 22nd Armoured Brigade) and 4th Indian Division (23rd Armoured Regiment).

Sherman II Section (75mm gun, 2x 0.3mm MG + 0.5mm MG)

Grant Section (75mm gun, 37mm gun, 1x 0.3mm MG)

Valentine Mk. III Troop (2pdr. gun, 1x 0.3 MG)

Crusader III Section (6dpr. gun, 1x 0.3 MG)

Stuart Section (37mm gun, 3x 0.3 MG)